Egeria Corporation is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with Sacramento based technology accelerator Momentum. Momentum and Egeria will work together to expand Egeria’s intellectual property, commercialize IP conceptualized by the Momentum team, and refine the Egeria platform. This exciting collaboration aligns the country’s preeminent team of fundraising experts with a disruptive fundraising platform, designed to effortlessly connect users to public funding opportunities. 

“We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Momentum,” said Egeria CEO, Sedale Turbovsky. “I have had the pleasure of collaborating and associating with the Momentum team for a number of years, their experience and ability to think strategically about public funding is unparalleled in the industry. We are also excited to note that Shawn Garvey, Chief Executive Officer of Momentum will be joining our corporate board as a thought leader and evangelist.”

The location of these two companies in the Sacramento region is no accident. Sacramento, CA is the capital of the 5th largest economy in the world, and the State of California has one of the nation’s most active funding programs for clean technology and energy innovation. Egeria opens up billions of dollars in public funding opportunities to companies and non-profits by using machine learning and AI to aggregate, read and summarize public funding notices. Momentum provides strategic services, business intelligence, and support in winning and leveraging public funds and private capital to clients at a global scale.

Together these organizations represent an invaluable asset to the region. As Sacramento continues to grow its startup ecosystem, this collaboration will provide powerful tools and expertise to organize and harness the significant public capital resources that are critical for early-stage innovation in STEM fields, as well as the long-term success of the region’s non-profits, small businesses, and service providers. 


About Egeria

Egeria is an early-stage SaaS startup on a mission to democratize public funding. The Egeria platform has been referred to as Netflix for grants, eliminating the need for searching for relevant funding opportunities, by matching grants to companies based on their preferences. Egeria’s suite of tools enables users to find, secure and manage grant funding, all in a single spot.

About Momentum

Momentum partners with innovators and forward-thinking organizations working to commercialize advanced energy, transportation, and manufacturing solutions. Momentum effects high-value trajectory changes for its partners through unique ecosystem design and the rapid organization of resources.The Momentum team—scientists and engineers, innovation and commercialization experts, fund development professionals and project managers—has leveraged $5+ billion in deployed capital in collaboration with more than 1,000 partners.